Wednesday, July 23, 2014

6 Things to do when Attacked or Abducted

There are a lot of benefits to being a writer. One of the most important ones for me, is the ability to  place knowledge in another mind.
My character, Sapphire Dubois--Beverly Hills heiress/Martial Arts fighting vigilante--may seem like the epitome of fiction at first glance. However, I always try to implement real life self-defense techniques, along with other useful information, in each of the Sapphire books.

If you ever find yourself being attacked or abducted, here are a few tips and techniques that could help save your life. (Some are from Stalking Sapphire, Silencing Sapphire, and the upcoming third book in the series.)

6 Things to do when Attacked or Abducted

1. Do Not Panic.

To not panic and to think rationally feels impossible when someone is grabbing or attacking you, possibly with a weapon. However, to breathe deeply and to stay calm so that you can strategize and take in the event and its information, could actually give you an advantage over your opponent.
If you are being taken by someone who is intending to kill you, their actions are often based on emotion which clouds the logical mind.
If you need to create a ultra capable alter-ego, or pretend that you are your favorite hero/heroine to calm yourself, then do so.

2. Throat Punch.

For females dealing with a bigger, stronger, male offender, know he has weaknesses too. The throat, especially the trachea, is extremely sensitive.

If you are ever in severe danger a hard punch to the trachea can stop your opponents breath and even cause him to choke to death. Never do this to anyone if you aren't absolutely certain your life is in danger.

3. Head-butts.

You can head-butt your opponent from the from or the back. If he is behind you, holding your arms, or chest, launch your head backwards as fast and hard as you can.
If the opponents is in front of you, aim your forehead to the bridge of their nose as hard as possible. Not only can this cause a broken nose, but also cause their eyes to tear up, giving you the advantage.

4. Escape the Trunk

If you are taken and placed in the trunk of a car, know that all cars manufactured after 2002 have a trunk release lever inside the trunk.
If the car you are placed is an older than 2002, look for what you can use inside the trunk. Jacks, screwdrivers, and tool kits tucked with the spare tire can be used as weapons.

5. Anything is a Weapon.

Whether you're being taken, or have already been abducted, know that even the most mundane room can have weapons in it. You could use something as small as a pen to defend yourself. Look around for things that are sharp or hard, then use your imagination and the element of surprise against your opponent. Example: if you're held by chains, you can use the chains to wrap them around your opponents neck. Do not be afraid to hurt them, odds are they're already planning on hurting you.

6. Survival

We, humans, are genetically engineered to survive. The Fight or Flight response from our ancestors, who lived in much more perilous times, is still inside us.
You are stronger and smarter than you think!

Mia Thompson is the author of an internationally bestselling New Adult Thriller series.  Her first two novels, STALKING SAPPHIRE and SILENCING SAPPHIRE, were published by Diversion Books in 2013.


Susan Clayton-Goldner said...

Very useful info, Mia. Thanks

Mia Thompson said...

I'm glad. Thanks, Susan :)

Sue Coletta said...

Can I add one? When walking to your car at night hold your car key through fisted fingers so when you punch the throat it'll be more of a stab. Great post, Mia! I used a lot of these in my books. And I've read Sapphire doing these in yours! I've really enjoyed your books. When is the new one being released?

Dr. Suzana E. Flores said...

I am now "one" with my warrior bad-arse. Thanks!

Mia Thompson said...

I do the key thing too, Sue! Damn, should've put it in. no set date yet, but probably sometime in the beginning of 2015 :)

Mia Thompson said...

lol! Then my job here is done.

Robert Frankovich said...

I highly suggest that you review the material of Rory Miller and Marc MacYoung is you want to add realism to your stories. The idea of getting serious martial arts/personal protection training is a current real world need. Training will be the only thing that keeps you from freezing and panicking (which is why law enforcement and military do so much of it).

You have an open invitation to join us during any class that you have the chance for. If you let me know in advance, we can work on ideas that you have to help develop them further.