Wednesday, July 30, 2014


When writing my novel The Riviera Contract I searched for a deadly disease or virus that would scare the hell out of the reader. I came up with Ebola, the same virus that today is killing hundreds of people in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. Having traveled to all three of these countries, I can only imagine the fear and panic that is spreading throughout the towns and villages.
No known cure for the plague exists and the medical services in these three countries is woefully inadequate. The death rate after contraction is estimated to be 90 percent. The band of medical professional and volunteers face not only insurmountable obstacles, but also contagion and death. An American doctor serving in the region just died. They are heroes.
Now, the fear of Ebola has bred a terror of physicians. Members of the international aid group Doctors Without Borders have been attacked in some villages in Guinea. They are blamed by some villagers for spreading the illness throughout the countryside. An ironic twist. Once again reality outdoes fiction. Would only the Ebola virus stayed on the pages of my novel.