Friday, November 21, 2014

Top 10 Things Writers Have to be Thankful About

10.          There are people who not only still read books, they live for books. They have books stacked next to their sofa, books covering their dining room table, books in lieu of a boxspring under their bed. These people are likely to also be hoarders, but damn it, they read!

9.            Despite even the direst predictions about global warming, if you step to it, you probably still have time to churn out your great American novel. Or at least a pamphlet.
8.            Even on your worst days, at least no one can “speed up the line,” sending blank pages to you every 15 seconds.  

7.            Writers are a fairly supportive lot, as opposed to, say, surgeons and treasure hunters. When you need advice all you have to do is ask a fellow author and he or she will probably have all the answers to your writing problem, you relationships, your overactive bladder issues…

6.            Technology makes writing much easier than it was back in the days of the hammer and chisel or typewriter and correction fluid. It also makes it much easier to avoid writing, if that’s your choice.

5.            No one who faults a writer for behaving like a grammar nazi. Except, of course, for they’re  there their his or her spouse and children.

4.            There will never be a lack of oddball characters in the world whose job is clearly to inspire you to write something amazing. Even if it’s a Yelp review.

3.            No one has ever proven that 1,000 monkeys with typewriters can do what you do. Now, give them iPads and all bets are off.

2.            Your not becoming a bestselling author whose work gets made into a blockbuster movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lawrence will save you money in the long run. Think of the entourage you don’t have to hire to follow you around as you go from yoga class to the bar.

1.            People are usually still impressed when you tell them you’re a writer. If they don’t seem to hold you in high esteem, stop using the air quotes when you say, “writer.”


Leigh Anne Jasheway is a writer who is grateful for anyone who has ever read anything she's written. That includes those folks who then donate her work to Goodwill afterward. She does not hold that against you, really. 

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Peter Hogenkamp said...

That hoarder comment hit close to home but otherwise a fantastic post

Eliza Cross said...

#7 got me, and the Prose Cons are some of the most supportive writers ever. Thanks for a great post!