Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Interview with Author Sue Coletta

This week, I got a chance to virtually sit down with MARRED author Sue Coletta.

A member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters In Crime, Sue Coletta is a crime fiction author.
She's written five novels: Marred, A Deadly Yearning, A Strangled Rose, Timber Point, and Silent Betrayal. Marred, a psychological thriller, is slated for release on November 11, 2015, Tirgearr Publishing.

The Interview
Q: Sue, I’d like to imagine that you and I are doing this over a cup of coffee in your living room, since you seem like the type of person I’d like to have coffee with. If we were, indeed, in your living room, having coffee, would you feel the need to offer baked goods? And if so, what would it be?

Sue: If we were having coffee, I’d be breaking out in hives all over my body. I’m allergic to coffee. I know, I know, a writer who doesn’t drink coffee. Crazy! So, I’d be drinking tea, but yes, of course I’d offer you a baked good. I used to bake a lot, but now, time is an issue, so I hope you don’t mind if I offer you an apple and walnut pasty ring from the local bakery. The icing drizzled on the top is to die for.

Q: You and I are both drawn to write about blood, mystery, and murder; in your honest opinion, are we messed up in the head?

Sue: Umm…depends on who you ask. *awkward smile* On my site I have a free giveaway, 60 Ways to Murder Your Fictional Characters. After people have had a chance to look it over, I tend to get comments like, “Bet your husband sleeps with one eye open.” Or, “Remind me never to cross you.”

Q: What is the best, and worst, thing a reader has ever said about your work?

Sue: Marred, my debut psychological thriller, hasn’t released yet. But in the past I’ve definitely had some comments from agents and editors. Worst: Rejected! (Is there anything worse than that, regardless of how they sugarcoat it?) Best: You have an amazing ability to drag your reader along, forcing them to flip the page.

Q: What are your favorite authors and how have they affected the way you write?

Sue: My all-time favorite author is Larry Brooks. His thrillers are so mind-bogglingly awesome; how they twist and turn; how you never know what’s real and what’s not. Because he’s also a friend, his writing has been a huge influence on the way I write and how I structure my novels.

Q: At what point did you go from ‘writing is a hobby’ to ‘writing is what I want to do?’

Sue: I’ve always wanted to write professionally. Years ago, I wrote children’s stories. It wasn’t until I wrote my first novel that I chose to make my dream a reality.

Q: You’re pretty awesome at blogging. How important do you think it is, in this day and age, for writers to build their own platforms?

Sue: It’s everything. Without a social media presence you’re sunk. We live in an amazing time, where we can reach across the world in an instant. To not take advantage of that would make no sense. And, thank you! You’re an awesome blogger too.

Q: If you could pick one of your own characters to meet with, who would it be, and what would you say to them?

Sue: Of course I love all my characters, but I have the most in common with Deputy Frankie Campanelli. I would have to ask her how it feels not worry about what anyone thinks and to say whatever comes to mind.

Q: You have a 99 cent pre-release sale today of your novel, MARRED, but it comes out on 11/11. How will you celebrate on the big day?

Sue: I do, yes! The sale lasts until Marred is released on 11/11/15. My publisher would kill me if I missed this opportunity for a shameless plug.

When a serial killer breaks into the home of bestselling author, Sage Quintano, she barely escapes with her life. Her husband, Niko, a homicide detective, insists they move to rural New Hampshire, where he accepts a position as Grafton County Sheriff. Sage buries secrets from that night—secrets she swears to take to her deathbed. Three years of anguish and painful memories pass, and a grisly murder case lands on Niko’s desk. A strange caller begins tormenting Sage—she can’t outrun the past. When Sage’s twin sister suddenly goes missing, Sage searches Niko’s case files and discovers similarities to the Boston killer. A sadistic psychopath is preying on innocent women, marring their bodies in unspeakable ways. And now, he has her sister. Cryptic clues. Hidden messages. Is the killer hinting at his identity? Or is he trying to lure Sage into a deadly trap to end his reign of terror with a matching set of corpses?

To take advantage of the pre-release sale, and to view all buying options, go here. On release day, I’m hoping to have a book launch party at a local inn that does mystery dinners, where you solve the murder while enjoying a great meal. Folks around here love local authors, and I have a connection there, so I’d like to combine my book launch with the event.

Thanks, Mia! Done with your coffee? Great. Well, it’s been nice chatting with you. Now get out of my house so I can get back to work. Books don’t write themselves. Oops. Sorry about that. My inner “Frankie” slipped out.

Despite being kicked out of your house, Sue (I have a feeling Deputy Frankie Campanelli and Aston Ridder would get along great), a big thanks for the interview, and more importantly, the apple walnut pastry—it was delish.

Mia Thompson is a Swedish-born author living in Sacramento, California. Her international bestsellers, Stalking Sapphire and Silencing Sapphire, were published in 2013, and followed by the third book in the series, Sentencing Sapphire. Mia is currently working on completing the series’ last two installments, due out through Diversion Books in 2016 and 2017

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