Thursday, December 31, 2015

How to Create a Space That Inspires to Read and Write

If you’re a bookworm, you understand the importance of having an area designed just for reading and writing. And now you have the opportunity to create your own literary oasis. So where do you start? 

 A Room of Your Own

The first step is to select the room in your house that will function as your reading and writing haven. You’ll want to pick a room set off from the rest of the house, or at least a spacious room with a door you can close for peace and quiet. Make sure there is plenty of space for bookshelves and a comfortable chair or sofa. You’ll need room for a great writing desk and filing cabinets for important documents. Once you’ve picked the perfect place, start imagining what you want your room to look like.


                                                                       via Holborn

Design By Inspiration

What motivates you? Are you inspired by thoughtful quotes, a myriad of color, or oil paintings? Whatever it is, put inspiring d├ęcor in your reading and writing room. There is no one answer for every bibliophile. Whether you love a rustic lodge feel or a modern design with pops of accent color, designing by your passion will lift your spirits and keep your mind motivated to create.

Incorporate interesting antiques and trinkets on your bookshelves, end tables, or desk. Having something unique and inspiring to glance at when you get stuck or bored can propel you into the next burst of creativity.

An Army of Words

No reading or writing room is complete without plenty of space for a library. The rule of thumb is to pick the bookshelf system that works best for your space. At Modernize, we love floor-to-ceiling bookcases that create a strong presence in the room and mimic a library. But you may not have room for that, especially if you’re working with a wall that includes a window. (Natural light is very important, too.) For tricky spaces, use shorter bookcases with two or three shelves, or make your own bookshelf system with stackable cubes. When you get stuck in your writing, you’ll have an army of words waiting for you!

                                                                 via Home DIT

Keep the Space Light

Natural light is the best option for brightening up a room. If possible, position comfortable reading chairs, sofas, cushions, or bean bags near a window, so you won’t get eye strain from reading in poor light.

                                                                   via The Londoner

When you want to read at night, or if you don’t have access to a window, you can incorporate floor lamps in the corners of the room for a soft glow. Small accent lamps can sit on end tables and offer the direct light you need without feeling overbearing. The soft glow of lamps can create a peaceful oasis where you can escape into the literary world.

Keeping clutter at bay will also bring brightness to your space. Organize miscellaneous items in a cubby system or small decorative tins on your writing desk.

The best part about creating your reading and writing space is that you can make it anything you like! Just like a book, interior design is all about your personality and interpretation of the world around you.


Sue Coletta said...

I turned my sunroom into my office, and I absolutely love the natural light.

Andre Michael Pietroschek said...

Interesting, but far above my own income-options, as I live in a former hotel and have only one room...

And I really don't mean disrespect with it, but 'Prose & Conmen aka Embezzlers or Frauds' is too dominant in my Non-Native-Speaker of English translation and street-savvy association.